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Whether you want to learn Mind Control to control your new boss’ mind, your new girlfriend’s mind or your friends’ minds, the techniques you will learn here will allow you to do that without raising any suspicion. The techniques of Mind Control have been used for centuries by professional psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, several political leaders and even cult leaders!

Top Mind Control Techniques

There are dozens of Mind Control Techniques that people often ignore. However, be aware that many of them are being used for evil purposes. In fact, Totalitarian Governments, Famous Dictators and several World Leaders have used some of these techniques to control the crowds and make their population believe in whatever message they want to get accross.

Here are the most popular Mind Control techniques used today:

Hypnosis : Probably one of the most popular and effective Mind Control Techniques out there. Hypnosis induces a high state of suggestibility, leading to total control of thoughts and actions of the receiver.

Repetitive Music & Lyrics: this acts on the subconscious mind. When the music has a repetitive beat to it, especially if the beats are close to the human heart’s beats, the lyrics can make their way into the brain subconsciously.

Crowd Pressure – You can notice this phenomena in High Schools and Gangs. This involves suppressing resistance to new ideas by exploiting the need to belong to a group.

Love – Love can make us do crazy things! It is one of the most powerful human emotions. Through emotional & physical bonding you can create an ideal mind control environment.

Meta-Communication – Inducing subliminal messages by putting emphasis on certain keywords and phrases in long, tiring & confusing lectures.

Privay Removal – Used by many Communist Regimes. When you remove privacy, you remove the ability to evaluate once’s situation logically.

Encouraging Child-Like Behavior – A Child listens to authority more easily than adults. Therefore, inducing Child-Like behavior in someone leads to easier mind control.

Sleep Deprivation – Used as a form of Torture. It is easy to create vulnerability and total disorientation by forcing someone into undertaking mental an physical activity for long periods of time without proper rest.

Unified Dress Code – Often seen in sects, over the long term the sense of self can easily be removed by forcing everyone to wear the same clothing.

Group Chanting – Often seen in Yoga classes (also referred to as Satsang), when a group sings the same lyrics over long periods of time, the message sticks to the brain more easily.

Isolation or Asceticism РInducing loss of reality and self-awareness by long-term physical and psychological separation from family, friends and society in general.

Diet and Drugs – Depriving the nervous system and the brain from essential nutrients and vitamins leads to disorientation. The use of drugs can also lead to the same results.

Gaming- Organizing group games enforces dependence to the group. The human brain is more open to receiving messages while in a “game” mode.

Fear – along with love, Fear is one of the most powerful emotions. Inducing fear into someone by threatening their physical or emotional integrity has been used by many evil cults and dangerous dicators.

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